The total land surface covered in grapevines is of 15 hectars and extends all around the wine cellar and family home.


The land is of calcareous marls tendentially clayey including layers of sandstone, left by the sea that once covered this land now covered in grapevines.


It is in the Rocche vineyard facing south, certainly the most renowned and already known as "cru" in the XV century, that the ultimate grapes are selected for the Barolo Rocche, and the remainder for small quantities of Langhe Nebbiolo.


The low yields per hectare and the great care given to the vineyards lead to a wine production of outstanding structure and undoubtedly lasting in time.


From the Le Ghiaie vineyards for the Dolcetto and the Bettola for the Barbera, strong, young wines are selected for immediate consumption, whereas the Barbera La Rosina and the Dolcetto Le Liste, full-bodied and strong, are left a few months, in 30 hl barrels made of durmast, to mature - the same ones normally used for Barolo wine - to obtain a smoother, mature wine suitable for longer conservation in bottles.


This is done in order to develop the typical scents and tastes of the vines, trying to improve but not to transform them in the attempt of pursuing constantly changing trends and customs.

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